The Where’s Wally Party

Hey guys!

Last night I went to a Where’s Wally vs. The Smurfs party as part of fresher’s week, and it was certainly an interesting night…

On the Facebook page it originally stated that the party was going to start at 10pm, but then they changed it to be starting at 8pm for pre-drinks in the bar, and then doors would open at 9pm. So, being me (and also because I didn’t know anyone going, because I’m not staying in university halls) I decided to arrive fashionably late at 8.30pm. I parked in the parking lot around the corner, and there was no one in the bar. I’m not even exaggerating, there were only the people who worked there and that was it. I thought about actually asking them what time the whole thing started, but I decided to sit in McDonald’s for 20 minutes because my phone connected to the wifi there. In the time I was sitting there, no one walked past (that I could see) dressed up as a Smurf or Where’s Wally, so then I thought, screw it, I’ll go and ask them. 

So I went into the bar, and stood there for about a minute because the bartender had his back to me, and the other guy was in the kitchen. Eventually they saw me standing there (I was still the only person there) and told me that it was going to be starting much later. So I went back outside again, and decided to sit in the car and try to come up with a plan. That was when I saw red and white stripes. I immediately got out the car again and followed them back to the club. I caught up with the group of five people as they also realized that no one was in the club, and I told them what had happened to me. So we all decided to go in together.

This group of people were really cool, and I got along with them really well. (at least I think I did… I haven’t seen any of them since!) Eventually more people started coming in, and what was weird was that someone I follow on Instagram goes to the same university as me, and she is also doing an English Literature course (even though mine is with American Literature). I didn’t tell her that I follow her Instagram because I didn’t actually realize until later.

Then we went upstairs for the proper clubbing part, and there was music and drinks and dancing and it was really great. It got really hot which was the only bad thing because I don’t really enjoy myself so much when I’m baking hot but the party itself was amazing. When I decided to leave, which was a lot earlier than everyone else, it was because I remembered the sign on the car park saying that it shuts at night, but I couldn’t remember what time and for some reason I thought it shut at 10pm. So I ran back to the car and my car was the only one left in the parking lot. So I just drove to the exit, hoping my ticket would work. It did. Thankfully. When I stopped panicking, I realized that the car park would be closed for people wanting to come into the car park rather than leave it, so… yeah…

I have an early start tomorrow, as I am actually going to be enrolling on my course from 8.30am, so I’m going to be getting up at 7am at the latest, I think. Because of the bus journey and the walk up to the university campus, it does take some time and I haven’t actually properly worked out how long it takes yet.

But I’ll get back to you on that one.

-The Storyteller


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