I’m Not Dead

Hey guys!

I’m not dead, by the way, in case you were wondering where I’ve been for the last four days. I’m at university now. Well… I’m not actually at university right this second, but I have moved and I am now in a different city to where I was a few days ago.

I’m in temporary accommodation before I finally move into a house with three other guys… And when I say “guys”, I don’t mean the usual “guys as in general term for a group of people like I normally do”, I mean I am most likely going to be living with three other guys. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I’ll get back to you on that one. If they do try anything, I did do a half term of Judo in year 10 or 11, so I reckon I can handle myself… and I also spent 18 years with a twin sister and an older brother. There was much fighting and arguments, so I would like to think that if anything happened I would be able to sort myself out.

So I moved here yesterday, and it was very emotional saying goodbye to my mum and my sister. At least it was for me anyway… I met up with a girl I had been talking to about being my roommate on Facebook, and we went to this “Freshtival” party on the campus. I was going to go to a different one in town, but it wasn’t organised by the university so I felt like I should go to the one on campus instead. I also got the wrong time for the party I was going to go to, which wasn’t awkward at all… *cough*

Tonight I’m going to a Where’s Wally vs. The Smurfs Party, and I’m going as a Wally. Well, as close to Wally as possible. I have a red stripy top and blue jeans… I think I should be okay. And since I wear glasses now, I can wear those.

Tomorrow is when everything else starts for me. I have a talk about my course, there’s a careers talk, and then on Wednesday I finally can get my student ID card because that’s when I enroll on my course! There is also a library induction, so considering I’m doing English with American Literature for the next three years, I think that would be beneficial.

Then on Thursday there are a few events happening, including a writing event, which sounds interesting even though I have no idea what it’s going to be like or if I even have to go… I just thought I’d tag along and see what happens. I think my university moto is going to be “make it up as you go along”, because that’s what I’m doing right now. And it’s only my second day here, so you can’t really judge me. Anyway, back to Thursday, I am also going to go to an acting workshop in the afternoon, because I haven’t done any performance based stuff in a year or so, and I enjoy it so I want to see what that’s like.

On Friday there isn’t really much interesting stuff going on, so let’s just fast forward to Saturday, when it’s Freshers Fayre, and I’ll be joining so many clubs and societies that I won’t have any time to do my course… That’ll be fun. And on Saturday evening there is an acoustic session going on which I believe is free.

So if I don’t write very much in the next week, then that is why! I will try and update you soon, but as I am being very busy making friends and trying to sort out my house, I can’t guarantee frequent posts!

-The Storyteller


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