I Wear Glasses Now

Hey guys!

I’m really stupid and forgot to mention that a few weeks ago I went to the opticians and to cut a long story short, I am short sighted. Only slightly, but that still means I can’t read things that are far away… Which means I now have glasses! Yay!

I only have to wear them occasionally, such as when I’m driving, or watching something on a screen (like TV or going to the cinema) and I tend to take them with me when I go out for a day. And most importantly, I’ll be using them to be able to see in my lectures when I start at university!

When they told me I’d need glasses, I wasn’t really that bothered by it. In fact, I kind of new that I might need glasses. I’d noticed when I looked at certain things, they weren’t 100% clear. For example, on some road signs, the writing looked a little blurry around the edges. It’s not a massive thing, so I think I got used to seeing it that way, and it was only when I was wearing the glasses that everything basically looked like it was in HD.

There was another time when my family were out at a pub and I couldn’t read what the menu on the board on the wall said (I thought it was because the handwriting was too small and in that room we were towards the back). But I was sitting next to my mum, and she said “how come I can read it and you can’t?” My mum has always been the one to ask either myself or one of my other siblings to read things for her because the writing was too small, so this started making me think I might be needing glasses at some point in the future.

So now I look like this.

-The Storyteller


3 thoughts on “I Wear Glasses Now”

  1. You discovered that you needed glasses pretty much like most others do. You seemed to have a very good additude about wearing glasses which make it that much easier to wear them. Actually as you probably well know there has never been a better time to start wearing glasses since they have become so popular and are now considered a fashion accessory. You have had your glasses for just about a year now and you should have received a reminder note that it’s time for you to get your eyes examined. Chances are that even if you haven’t noticed any change in you vision you likely need a small increase in your glasses. I forgot to mention that you look very nice wearing glasses. (retired optician)

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