If You Own a Cat…

Hey guys!

I’ve always had cats in my house. When I was in South Africa we had a black and white cat called Nimrod and he was super cute, and he lived a really long life. He came with us from South Africa to Cardiff House No. 1, to Cardiff House No. 2, and finally to our current house in Devon. He lived a good 13 years, and all the memories I have of him are good ones.

We now have two cats, a brother and sister, called Ceri and George. Ceri is a fat tortoiseshell, and George is a slightly less fat ginger. And both love food very much.

There are certain things only a cat owner will understand. In our house, if everyone is out, or if we are asleep, the cats aren’t allowed upstairs. My parents don’t like them being in their room, but my siblings and I allow them to wander the halls as they please. Why? Because they’re cats. And you can’t argue with a cat.

We keep them downstairs at night for two main reasons:

  1. So that they can go outside and do some exercise because they’re nocturnal animals. Supposedly.
  2. So that you won’t be rudely awakened in the middle of the night to a cat meowing in your face because its decided that 2am is the time to have breakfast.

There are other reasons we don’t keep them upstairs at night, such as the fact that they’ll probably try and go after your feet whenever you move, or they will take up more bed space than you. So you’ll wake up aching because you’ve been sleeping in a weird angle.

Cats are very independent. They do what they want, when they want, and that is how it goes. There’s nothing a cat owner can do about it. No matter how much you believe your cats love you, they’re only using you for your house, your food and your attention. They’re very much like children, if you ask me!

Image sourced from Google Images
Image sourced from Google Images

So, for all the cat owners out there, do you agree with me? I can imagine the cats of the world organising some sort of uprising against us, because I think it could be in their nature, but… they’re so cute! I think I’d happily live in a world overrun by cats… just look at them!

-The Storyteller


2 thoughts on “If You Own a Cat…”

  1. My cat kind of falls into my routine with me and will usually curl up on his side of the bed but every so often I wake up to find he’s overtaken my pillow and is sleeping on my head, ha ha 😀

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