Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Hey guys!

Jamie’s Sugar Rush was on the other night. Who watched it? I did! And I have to say that it definitely made me think twice about what I actually eat. I consider myself to be healthy, because I do loads of exercise throughout the week, and until I watched Jamie’s Sugar Rush, I thought what I was eating was healthy. If I wanted to eat a slice of cake for no apparent reason, my excuse would be, “Well I’ll just swim it off, it’s fine!” But what I learnt from Jamie Oliver’s show was that the amount of exercise you do won’t necessarily help you out when it comes to sugary foods and drinks. Here are some statistics for you to feast your eyes on:

Pulling out kids’ teeth because of sugar costs the NHS around £30 Million per year.

AND 26,000 primary age kids were admitted to hospital last year because of tooth decay, caused by sugar.

1/3 of UK kids leave primary school overweight or obese.

I was in the generation of kids when Jamie Oliver changed school meals, and we saw the end of things such as turkey twizzlers. We stopped getting cake for desert. At the time, I was annoyed that this grown up could just walk in and take these delights away from our schools! It was the highlight of my day! But now, after watching what sugar really does to kids these days, I’ve started thinking twice about what I put on my food. I used to put honey on top of my cereal, rather than sugar, because I thought honey would be the healthier option, which it may be. BUT, I didn’t think about how much sugar was already in my cereal, and how much sugar was in the honey. I have since stopped putting honey on my cereal, because I really don’t need it.

The main thing I learnt from Jamie’s Sugar Rush was that we are supposed to have 7 teaspoons of sugar a day, because this is considered “healthy”. But when Jamie looked at what he eats in a day, the amount of sugar was around 5 times the recommended amount! This really made me think about my own diet, so I am making it my mission to think twice before I eat or buy something.

Jamie Oliver, as you saw in the video, has made a petition to put a 7p tax on fizzy and sugary drinks, to try and raise £1 billion to give to schools. If you are interested in signing the petition, please click the link here. I’ve signed it. Will you?

-The Storyteller


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