The Moving Out Countdown

Hey guys!

I apologise if this post is a bit rushed, because I’ve got 20 minutes until I need to head back to the swimming pool I was working at this morning to attend my first swimming session since July! We haven’t had any sessions over the summer, and training actually started up again on Tuesday, but I had to go to Staff Training (I was the only one there, and it was a little bit awkward but I did get to go home early), and I would’ve gone on Wednesday morning, but when my alarm went off at 5:30am I decided I was too tired and it would be dangerous for me to drive so I just went back to sleep.

I think it was a good decision.

In exactly one week’s time, it will be my last night at home, before I officially move out and start my University shenanigans. If you’ve been following my blog over the last month or so, you’ll know that I got into University through clearing, and therefore didn’t get a place in University Accommodation, so the last week has been fairly frantic in trying to find a house. The only problem I have now is that a couple of people have dropped out because they can’t afford the rent and other bills, so now myself and my roommate are looking for a couple of others. This isn’t an advertisement, by the way! (Sorry)

So with one week to go, I have so far packed a box full of kitchen goods- pans, pots, cutlery, recipe books, etc.- duvet covers, pillow cases, sheets, towels… the fact that I don’t know what else is in my box probably shows that I wasn’t the one who packed it. My mum did it for me. But she started this a couple of months ago. I came home to find two massive boxes, and she’d already started filling it up with little things.

I’m not worried about moving out at the moment, because I have other things on my mind. I’m one of those people who packs at the last minute, and freaks out because I never give myself enough time to think about what I need. However, I have started packing things from my room, which at the moment consists of three candles I got in South Africa, and my 642 Things To Write About book. I clearly know what I’m doing!

I’ve just found out that my friend’s mum has a spare kettle which she’s offered to give me! I’m quite excited about it. And also a little bit nervous, but that’s more because there are currently two of us who are definitely okay to be living in a four bedroom house, and if it ends up just being us when we move in, it’ll be more expensive. *sighs*

Anyway, I need to head off back to the swimming pool. It’s a two hour session tonight, so I’m not sure if I’m going to survive it… I’ll get back to you on that one!

-The Storyteller


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