Very British Problems

Hey guys!

I think we all have those moments in life that really suck, but when you think about it in a bit more detail, these moments really aren’t as bad as we think they are. I’ve decided to write a list of the top three things that, as a Brit, I personally find the most annoying.

1- The Milk Situation
I’ve said this before, but I’ve never been a massive “tea drinker”. But I think this can apply to those Brits who love their tea. When I wake up in the morning, I tend to be starving, no matter how much I ate the night before. I wake up looking forward to a bowl of cereal, and just when everything seems to be going fine, you open the fridge to find that there is either a) not enough milk to fill the bowl of cereal or b) no milk at all. When this happens, it literally puts the biggest downer on my day. If I can’t have cereal with an adequate amount of milk, then how am I supposed to function for the rest of the day?

2- The Awkward Social Situation
I’m not usually that awkward around other human beings, but sometimes, my inner awkward just wants to be known to others. It’s moments like, when you are at Starbucks, and you decide to be a bit adventurous and order a shaken sweet tea. But when they give you the drink, after you’ve paid, it’s a shaken sweet tea lemonade. A simple mistake, but it’s just one of those moments when you don’t want to prove the waiter wrong, because you’re British and you’re just awkward like that. So you think, “how bad can it be?” (By the way, this is a completely hypothetical scenario. This didn’t happen to me in real life. But things like this have happened because I’m so awkward and I don’t like making a fuss. Because I’m British.)

3- The Public Transport Situation
I think most Brits can relate to this one. When we go on trains, or buses, if we are alone, we tend to look for the two empty seats, because we don’t want to interact with other people. And the chances are likely that other people don’t want to interact with us. But if we are travelling on a particularly busy day, sometimes we just have to build up the courage to ask the balding middle-aged man to kindly move his bag. This can be made more awkward if said man is listening to music, and doesn’t hear you the first couple of “excuse me’s”. But everyone else hears you, and you kind of want to walk away or just stay standing up, but then the man looks at you and says “Oh, do you want this seat?” and you have to just sit there uncomfortably for the rest of the journey.

If you have anymore Very British Problems, please feel free to comment below! We can have a British Problem 101 thing going on, just so you know you’re not alone!

-The Storyteller


4 thoughts on “Very British Problems”

  1. I was on the train to Edinburgh the other week. It was a Saturday and we misjudged how busy it was going to be. The plan was to get off at Haymarket instead of Waverley so we could avoid a lot of the crowds. When we got on the train we had to stand because it was so packed and the closer we got to Edinburgh the busier the train got. Finally we got to Haymarket but instead of pushing our way past all these people we just decided to stay on because it was the easier option than annoying 30 other people 😂 I totally agree with the milk situation though – it’s so disappointing when you want cereal and there is none left 😊

      1. This does fall under Very British Problems but I hate pushing people out of the way and like being a bother, haha! Sometimes needs must though 🙂

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