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Review On… Inside Out

Hey guys!

I went to see Disney Pixar’s latest new release, that is “Inside Out”. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last year, and haven’t heard about it, “Inside Out” is an animated film about a young girl called Riley, who moves to San Francisco with her parents and it’s about how the emotions (who are personified) adjust to Riley’s new surroundings.

I remember first watching the trailer, and thinking that there was going to be something special about “Inside Out”, because there’s something very real about it. The film focuses on the five emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, and when Riley’s core memories are lost, it is up to Joy and Sadness to find them before Riley loses these core memories forever. Along the way, they meet some weird characters, such as Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong, who tries to help Joy and Sadness get the memories back to the headquarters.

The film is really sweet, it’s funny, and it’s relatable- especially for kids who have moved to a new city before (I happen to be one of those kids). I think some parts were a little bit predictable, but it certainly didn’t make me think badly of the film as a whole. But the thing I wasn’t expecting was how emotional it would make me. I don’t normally cry in films, but I nearly did at the end when the problem has been resolved. One of the things I loved the most about “Inside Out” was the system in which the memories are stored in the person’s brain, with a different colour for different emotions. It was so clever, and inventive, and I really wish that was how our brains actually worked.

I don’t think I had a favourite character in “Inside Out”. At first I thought Joy was my favourite, and I found Sadness really annoying, but as the film went on, my views actually swapped. I ended up feeling really sorry for Sadness, because Joy was acting like one of those people who won’t listen to anyone else’s ideas because they think that their idea is the best and only one. I understand that this is probably something the filmmakers wanted to portray, which is just another of the numerous reasons why I will always love Disney Pixar films. “Inside Out” is a film that really makes you think about your own emotions and experiences, and the main lesson I learnt was that it’s okay to tell people what’s bothering you. You shouldn’t keep things on your mind for too long if they’re upsetting you.

As I said, “Inside Out” was one of those films that nearly made me cry, and I tend to think that if a film can do that to me, then it has to be pretty good. And this one was no exception. It usually takes a lot for me to cry, or in this case, nearly cry, in films, and I think the makers of “Inside Out” did a really good job.

So those are just some of my initial thoughts on “Inside Out”. Have any of you guys seen it? And what did you think?

-The Storyteller

Image sourced from Google Images
Image sourced from Google Images

9 thoughts on “Review On… Inside Out”

  1. I Really enjoyed the film and love the idea of the emotions living in our heads but don’t think it was quite as good as my favourite Pixar film, Monsters Inc. Anger was definitely my favourite character.

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