School Memories

Hey guys!

So as you know, I am heading off to university in the next couple of weeks, and school will be starting again for many of you, so I thought I would go over some of my greatest memories from my school days. Well, I say “greatest” memories… what I mean by that is either hilarious or embarrassing. Or just the ones that really stick out for me. You know?

One of my earliest memories is from my first day of school, and I was sitting on the carpet in the classroom with the other students in my class, and we were waiting for everyone else to come in. Then there was this boy (who I later became good friends with) who was crying his eyes out, and his dad had to carry him into the classroom and put him on the floor because he didn’t want to go to school. And I was sitting there just thinking “What is going on? Why is he crying? Is school really that bad?” But it turned out that school wasn’t that bad in the end.

In my first primary school, we would often put on little 10-20 minute shows during assembly about a book we’d read in class. When I was in Year 3 (I think), so I would have been about 6 or 7, the show we were doing was “Farmer Duck”. It was about these animals that lived on the farm, and the farmer was too lazy to do the work so he made the animals do his work for him. My best friend at the time was playing the title character, and I was one of the chickens. I remember I was so excited because I had the last line, so when it was my cue I went up to the front of the stage and started saying my lines. But then I saw my teacher at the back of the hall gesturing me to sit back down, so I did. Then I saw her telling me to come back up again, so I did, then she was gesturing for me to go back again and I was so confused that I started crying. Then my friend (who was also a chicken) came and supported me. I don’t really remember what happened after that.

Also in primary school, whenever we played “tag”, if I was tagged I would always pretend to be really upset and say “I’m not playing anymore” until one of my friends would come over and ask me what was wrong, but then I’d just tag them and run away.

My first day of school in my second primary school was interesting, because it was the first day me and my sister met this girl who I still know today, and she came into the classroom when the bell went, and she was like “sir, do you want me to get them their books? There’s space on our table, sir, do you want them to sit on our table?” Me and my sister looked at each other, thinking “Is she talking about us?”

When I was in Year 7, I thought I was late for English, which was my first lesson after registration. So when I got to the English building, I saw there were people in my classroom but all the lights were off, so I couldn’t see their faces. I marched in, saying “sorry I’m late miss-” then I saw my brother’s friend, who is in the year above me, sitting in my chair, and then I realized that my teacher was still in the middle of doing her registration for her form. So I walked out just saying “sorry” like a stuck record, and tried not to cry out of pure embarrassment.

In Year 9 I went on a school trip to Paris, and it was the first time I’d ever been on any rollercoaster. We had to buy some food to eat before we left Disneyland, so while my friends and I were eating pizzas, we decided that our last rollercoaster would be Space Mountain. We’d already been on it twice. So as soon as we finished eating, we went straight over, and after the ride was over, we all felt absolutely sick.

When I was in Year 10, I went on a school drama trip to London, and we saw “Blood Brothers”, “Woman in Black” and also went on a tour of the National Theatre. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on to date. When we saw “A Woman in Black”, we were sitting in the stalls, and I was three seats from the aisle; my friend was sitting on the aisle seat, and my other friend was in between us. There’s a point when the Woman in black walks down that aisle, and everyone turned around (except for me because I was too scared) and when the Woman walked past my friend, she just about climbed over the top of my other friend because she didn’t want to be anywhere near the aisle anymore!

I’m not really one to talk back to teachers. But when I was in Year 11, my friends and I often hung out in their form room at break and lunchtimes. So my and my friend had just been to the canteen and were making our way through the corridors, and were stopped by one of the Spanish teachers, who said “no eating in the corridors, girls!” Now, because I was in year 11, I felt a bit more confident because I was virtually at the top of the school, so I was like “Well, what if I just hold the cheese scone? Because then I’m not actually eating it.” And then the Spanish teacher looked at me, and laughed “I’ve never heard that one before!” and she let us carry on. So the moral of that story, is if you tell a teacher that you’re merely holding food rather than eating it, there shouldn’t be a problem!

I have always been a sufferer of hayfever, and unfortunately for me, it wasn’t on my side for prom. Looking back at most of the photos that I’m in, my eyes are red and watery, and it basically looks like I’ve taken drugs. (I assure you, I have never taken drugs in my life!)

The Rome trip of Year 12 will always be a highlight. We got lost on a daily basis, but it was still eventful and we always got back to the hotel absolutely exhausted from a day’s worth of walking around. One of my personal favourite memories was when my friend had a migraine and she threw up in a bin while we were waiting to get tickets for the metro, and my form teacher/media teacher kept joking that she was hungover. My friend didn’t find that particularly funny though…

Last year in English, we were reading an extract from Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca”, and we were talking in pairs about how the descriptions were quite magical, and then me and my friend went completely off topic and started talking about Harry Potter. Then I said to my friend “What if he’s Voldemort?!” We laughed as the class quietened down, and then my friend made eye contact with the teacher, so the teacher asked us what we’d been talking about. My friend tried to say “Oh, no, nothing…” but my teacher insisted, so we were just like “Well… uh… we were talking about how it’s like Harry Potter”. No one else found it funny, and my teacher just looked confused.

So those are some of my favourite memories. I look back on most of them now with a smile on my face, because I actually did enjoy school for the most part. I think I’m going to miss it in years to come, but for now I’m looking forward to my next adventure.

-The Storyteller


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