Donna Noble: The Best Companion

Hey guys!

I am a massive Doctor Who fan, and rather than talk about my favourite Doctor, I wanted to talk more about my favourite companion. That, of course, is Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate alongside the tenth Doctor, David Tennant.


Why do I love Donna? Well, it was nice to watch the Doctor simply have a friend as his companion, rather than watch some form of complicated love story. The relationship the Doctor had with Rose will always be important to him, and Donna seems to understand that. What we see between the Doctor and Donna is a real friendship, and whenever I watch episodes with Donna, it’s clear that she’s right for him. Also, Catherine Tate brings along a comedic side to the role, and it is clear that Donna doesn’t seem to know everything about time and space- I have found this with Clara. She seems to immediately understand what’s going on and what the solution should be. It’s like Clara is being made into another version of the Doctor. Donna is loyal, and honest, and is definitely not afraid to get her voice heard!


The other thing about Donna is that her character is so realistic, and relatable. I remember watching emotional episodes, and if Donna was upset about something, I would be too. It wouldn’t just be something silly, either. She was probably one of the most caring companions (in my eyes anyway!), not only about the Doctor, but about other people and aliens. What I also like about the storyline with Donna is the parts which include her grandfather. Wilfred is so enthusiastic and supportive, and clearly wants her to do the things that make her happy. I think my favourite episode with Donna is with the Adipose, or the episode when she officially becomes the Doctor’s companion after Martha. The bit when they finally meet up again is hilarious, and the sequence is fantastic and it makes me laugh every single time I watch it.


However, I think Donna’s time as the Doctor’s companion is probably the most heartbreaking. I’ve had some time to think about this, because when Rose is taken to the alternate universe at the end of “Doomsday”, it is just as bad, but I think what makes Donna’s end worse is that she won’t be able to remember any of her time with the Doctor. And this makes me so sad thinking about it because her time as the Doctor’s companion was probably the best time she’s ever had, and he made her believe in herself, and that she’s worth more than she thinks. What makes it worse is that Donna’s family aren’t allowed to tell her anything, which must be the worst thing to have to do.


I’m one of those people who often wonders what happens once the credits start rolling. Does Donna go back to her day job? Is she happy? I think Donna is the only companion who I really wondered about after her time travelling in space with the Doctor. I think it must be because she’s the one I cared about the most, as an audience member. Now, I did care for Rose. It sucked that she and the Doctor were separated like that, but with Donna, it’s worse because she can’t do anything about it.

So those are some of my reasons why Donna Noble will always be my favourite companion. There are probably a number of other reasons why I love her so much, but it’s getting late.

Are you a massive Whovian like myself? And who is your favourite companion?

-The Storyteller


11 thoughts on “Donna Noble: The Best Companion”

      1. Yeah, I really like all the episodes I’ve seen from 1-6, I just stopped watching for a bit and now need to catch up on two whole seasons haha

      1. Hahaha yeah… The thing I found with Clara was that she just seemed to know what was going on all the time and I got a bit confused with her storyline! But I think I prefer Rory out of the “new” companions

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