Allergic To O Challenge!

Hey guys!

Aiden has nominated me to do the “Allergic to O” challenge, which, from what I’ve seen, is the same as the “Allergic to E” challenge, except this challenge is with a different letter. I haven’t done either of the challenges before, so I don’t actually know what I’m doing. So, through further investigation, I’m guessing you have to write a paragraph without using the said letter (in this case, the letter O).

So, here is my paragraph:

I literally haven’t a clue what I’m writing and I’m struggling because the letter is actually quite well used and it’s difficult finding an alternative way speaking, which is why this paragraph makes little sense. But it seems I am succeeding in this challenge. I can’t think that there is anything else interesting that I can write here… and that makes me appear like an upper class Brit living in the 1920’s. The person (oops) that came up with this idea is rather cruel because I am struggling quite a bit. But I am actually having fun with this. The thesaurus hasn’t been used yet, which I think is an achievement. And I think that is all I am saying.

What the freaking hell was that? I think the above paragraph is probably the weirdest thing I have ever said on my blog. Ever. So now we will just forget that it ever happened, and I am now going to nominate:

ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS CHALLENGE! It’s difficult, but that’s the point of a challenge! You can always do the original “Allergic to E” challenge, but I think that would be even harder and I’m not cut out for that stuff.

-The Storyteller


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