Hey guys!

I had my results on Thursday, and they were okay. They weren’t quite what I wanted and I haven’t gotten into my first choice of university, but I’ve passed. I should be happy but I’m not. I got a C in English, which I’m really unhappy about because that’s the subject I want to study, and I thought I could have at least achieved a B. The exam was so hard and to be honest I feel let down, because in the lessons leading up to our exams, we didn’t really do any full past papers, unlike last year. I didn’t really know how I should be structuring the essays. Maybe that was my fault for not asking, but at the time I thought it would be okay… I don’t know anymore.

I’m writing this on Friday 14th August, the day after results day. I’m still waiting to hear from my insurance choice university, after emailing them, and calling them twice. All they can tell me is to be patient, but I can’t be bloody patient, because this is my freaking future on the line! How the hell am I supposed to just sit here and wait for them for days to tell me whether I have a place or not? Surely they should have sorted this out already? I mean, they’ve had my results for about a week already!

Can you tell I’m getting really frustrated? I could be applying for clearing, but I can’t because my UCAS track page hasn’t been updated thanks to my insurance choice, so I’m currently in limbo. All I can do is call and email and wait. And it’s not fair. Why should I have to be waiting for so long? I mean, they could at least tell me that I’ve got a place or not, so I can try and find another university who’ll take me through clearing with the grades I’ve got. And I’m scared that if I keep waiting then I’m going to miss my chance.

I don’t really know what this post is. I’m probably going to start crying again in a minute if I keep writing because I want to get into university so much, and I feel absolutely helpless because there is nothing I can do. Well. Nothing I can do that is going to get me anywhere.

Waiting sucks.

-The Storyteller


10 thoughts on “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

  1. Ugh I feel your frustration! My boyfriend’s results weren’t sent to UCAS and the Uni basically said it’s not their problem -_- I don’t think they actually realise how frickin hard we worked for this and the fact this effects the rest of our lives!! I hope you get yours sorted soon!

      1. Yeah I completely understand! I was lucky because I did BTEC so I knew I had got into Uni a few months ago. But I’m super stressed that my boyfriend won’t get in, so I can’t imagine how you and him are feeling! Are you going to a Uni in London?

      2. No. I thought about it but the accommodation can be really pricey! I’m waiting to hear from Belfast but I’ve been looking at Portsmouth through clearing just in case

      3. Ah okay, I’m going to a London one and I’m just lucky Student Finance has been kind to me, and I’ve got a scholarship because it is soo expensive!! Good luck with getting it all sorted out!

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