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Review on… Ant Man

Hey guys!

When I was in South Africa, I went to see Marvel’s newest film, “Ant Man”, starring Paul Rudd as the title character, along with Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly.

Paul Rudd was an excellent choice for the lead role as Ant Man/Scott Lang, as was Michael Douglas in the role of Hank Pym. What I really liked was the humour, and the references to the other marvel films, namely the Avengers. I did find that the film improved as it went on, and I left the cinema with that feeling you get when you’ve watched an enjoyable film. But I did have a few problems with it.

For me, it wasn’t the best Marvel film that I’ve ever seen. Some of the jokes I found weren’t hilarious, it sometimes felt like they were put there to lighten the mood just a little bit- and I eventually thought that there were too many of these “fill in” jokes. It made the film seem like it was suited for a younger audience, perhaps in the 13-15 age range. There were a couple of aspects of the film that felt a little bit forced, and I think it could have been just as good without. (I won’t say exactly, because I don’t want to spoil anything!)

I loved the action sequences, however, and I liked how they incorporated some of the comic relief into these tense scenes. The main action scene at the end, in particular, was one of the highlights of the film for me because I love films that include scenes where you have to think a little bit.

Overall, I thought this film was enjoyable, but it wasn’t something that really grabbed me. The plot was a little bit generic, but in this genre, a lot of these films are so that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I also liked that Hank Pym’s wife was called Janet, because I’m called Janet and you don’t usually get many films where someone fairly important is called Janet, so thanks Marvel!

As I said, I would recommend this film for maybe younger teens, but as I said it was definitely enjoyable, and I think it would make a good family film, so if that’s your thing, then make sure you go and check out “Ant Man”.

-The Storyteller

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