Why Do We Blog?

Hey guys!

I’ve been blogging since 2010, as most of you know, and back then I had no idea I’d one day have as many followers as I do now, both on WordPress and on Twitter. For many years it felt like I was blogging for myself, because I barely had an audience until the last 18 months or so. The lovely Sherina summed up what I’m trying to say pretty well, so make sure you go and have a read of her post.

During the time when I didn’t have much of a following,  there were times when I thought it was pointless, but I carried on going, because I enjoyed it. I liked being able to voice my own opinion, or just being able to write down my thoughts in a coherent way so that it doesn’t just sound like nonsense. Blogging became something that was for me, and if people liked what I had to say enough to give the post a like, comment, or even follow me, then that would remind me as to why I was still writing posts.

I have a Bloglovin’ account, but I don’t use it. I don’t understand it, and to be quite honest, I’m perfectly happy without it. But it annoys me that they are encouraging writers to make blogging a competition to get the most subscribers. And it’s not about that at all. Sometimes it’s the smaller people who have the most important thing to say. I only follow a couple of blogs who have over 1000 subscribers, and it’s quite sad in a way because I remember at one point, one of these people often commented on and liked my posts. Now I can’t remember the last time that happened, since their blog became popular.

I don’t want to sound bitter, because I am genuinely happy that they have gotten so many followers. But if it was me, I would try and make an effort to “keep in touch” with blogs I followed before. Bloglovin’ has tried to make Blogging a popularity contest which it shouldn’t be about at all. We should blog because blogging is a way to get our thoughts onto a page. We blog so we can connect with others who have similar interests, or have been in similar situations. We blog to make people laugh. We blog, because we are part of a community, and the moment someone tries to stray away too far, then this community can easily come crashing down.

Wow, that wasn’t supposed to sound like a protest speech… I can be pretty convincing, if I may say so myself! But seriously, what do you think about this? And what are the reasons you started blogging?

-The Storyteller


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