Flashback Friday #11

The One With the Dead Chameleon

Hey guys!

I got back from my holiday in South Africa this morning, so I thought it would be relevant to talk about one of my many memories from a previous visit. I know I wrote a similar post a couple of weeks ago, but I somehow managed to miss this one out completely.

So, once upon a time, my cousins, brother, sister and I were trying to think of things to do whilst our parents were playing tennis. It was a fairly warm day for a South African winter afternoon, and we went on a walk. We hadn’t gone very far before we came across a dead chameleon. This was the first chameleon I had ever seen, and it was dead. At the time I didn’t really care too much, because it was a freaking chameleon and it was so cool, but eventually I was like… it would be cool if it was alive actually…

We came to a civilized decision that we couldn’t just leave the chameleon where it was, because someone could stand on it, or a bird could eat it. Just remember we were young at the time, and the fact that it was already dead hadn’t really occurred to us in that sense. Anyway, there was a river nearby so instead, we came to the conclusion that we must build a raft for the creature, and send it on it’s way.

We built a mini-raft out of bits of wood, and I don’t know what we tried to use to keep it all together, but whatever we did, it didn’t work, because as soon as we put the raft and the chameleon on the water, it fell apart and that was the last we saw of the dead chameleon. It was probably eaten by a fish or something…

I hope you enjoyed that post! I know it was quite short but now that I am finally back from South Africa, my posts will be more regular and much more interesting!

-The Storyteller


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