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Flashback Friday #10

The One With The Basque Holiday

Hey guys! 

I’m writing this on my iPod and I can’t find the normal format I use for the sub-title, so you’re going to have to deal with it as it is!
Anyway, my family is very keen on traveling. In 2011/2012, we went to the Basque Country for Christmas and the New Year. This was the trip where everything went wrong, and is exactly why it is one of my most memorable holidays. I’m going to make a list of all the things that happened, exclusively for your enjoyment! 

  • We took the ferry which was either 24 hours or 12 hours, but no one seems able to remember exactly… Anyway, my brother and I had loads of fun running around the front of the boat as it went up and down the waves, and the challenge was to not fall over.
  • We took our own car, a Vauxhall Zafira (or an Opel for you lot not from the UK) and for its size, the engines quite small. We took a wrong turn down a hill and realised it was private property. There was no way to turn around so we had to reverse up the hill (with all our luggage) and we burnt the clutch.
  • When we got to the hotel room, we managed to stink out the room because our clothes smelt of burnt clutch.
  • We were visiting different towns, and on the morning of Christmas Eve, we left for San Sebastián. Before we left, we went to the supermarket and got loads of sweets and chocolate- we basically filled the car with crap. Lucky for us though, when we wanted to go out for Christmas dinner that night, everywhere was shut so we just feasted on chocolate! 
  • The same thing happened on New Years Eve.
  • My sister lost her iPod.
  • When we finally got back home, the clutch finally gave in about an hour on the road, so we had to call the AA. We were across the road from a Little Chef so my brother, mum and I risked our lives (not really) to cross the busy road and back again to get something’s to eat.

That’s not all that happened, but they were some of my highlights! 

-The Storyteller


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