Flashback Friday #9

The One With the South African Memories

Hey guys!

As I’m in South Africa, I thought I’d talk to you about some of my best memories from the trips that I have been on in the past.

There are many things we do each time we come out to visit, such as going to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, going to Cape Point, the Aquarium,and some things that we have only done once, like visiting Robben Island. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to have this experience, simply because I have family who live in this beautiful country.

So let’s start with some of the regular trips. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. That is a must on the list of things to do. There’s a great restaurant, which is always a nice place for lunch or a late breakfast after a morning walk around the gardens. There’s a certain smell that always reminds me of South Africa, which I often associate with Kirstenbosch (probably because of the numerous plants!)

Cape Point is another place we always go to. One of the beaches there, we’ve nicknamed “Bargie Beach” because of my surname, and it’s another great place to go for walks. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some wildlife. In the past, we’ve come across ostriches, wildebeest, a zebra… but the funniest memory I have is the time when my gran was sitting on one of the sand dunes, and we had all put our shoes and socks in a bag that she was carrying. Then, this baboon came and inspected it, obviously hoping for food. It was clearly disappointed and sulked off.

My grandparents live really near to a beach, which also has a cafe and a play area. One of my favourite memories was a few years ago, when me, my brother, and sister drew out a track in the sand, and had to do piggyback races. When my brother gave my sister a piggyback, he leaned so far forward that she fell right over the top of him! It was absolutely hilarious! To this day, I never knew if he did that on purpose…

There have been a few times that we visited a place called Knysna, to visit some more family and it is a really beautiful place. I think it was on our first visit, we went on a boat across the lagoon and my mum tried oysters…she didn’t like them… We also went to visit an old mine, and a really cool ghost town, except there weren’t any houses, just old street names. We stayed in an old family house, and my sister stayed in the “haunted” room- she didn’t know it was haunted, she just wanted it because of the balcony and the double bed! The next time we stayed there, she stayed in the same room as me. She never told me if the room was actually haunted…

Some of my best memories are with my cousins. One year, we were able to go to my cousins birthday party, and it was a Harry Potter theme. Me and one of my cousins’ friends made up a game called “Wizards vs. Dementors” or something, and we split the group into two teams; dementors and wizards (duh). Each team took it in turns to be a dementor or a wizard, and the goal was for the dementors to find all the wizards who were hiding, and to make sure they didn’t leave the base. The other wizards who were still free had the chance to release the captured wizards, but if they were caught, then the dementors would win. It was an amazing game, and we played it for hours, until it went dark.

Finally, a few years ago on our trip to Knysna, we stopped at Plettenberg Bay, and took our body boards to one of the beaches. This beach had massive waves that were really strong, and there was one particular wave that was bigger than I initially thought, because all of a sudden I was under water, and I didn’t know which way was up, so I kept spinning around (although I didn’t know I was spinning) until I hit my heel on the sand. I then stood up, to find the water was up to my knees, and my body board was floating back to the shore!

What are some of your best holiday memories? Make sure to comment! And thank you for reading.

-The Storyteller


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday #9”

  1. These are some great memories! I love the baboon story haha and dementors vs wizards sounds like a fun game! One of my recent favourite holiday memories is when we were in Rome with school two years ago and one of my friends got so drunk he started talking to a Marilyn Monroe painting on the wall… At first I thought he was kidding, but I soon noticed that we was pretty serious haha.

    1. Hahaha that sounds like the kind of thing I would do if I got really drunk! I went on a school trip to Rome last year and one of my friends had a really bad migrane, and the teacher kept joking that she was hungover because she threw up in a bin in the metro! It was hilarious.

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