Lack of Internet

Hey guys!

I have internet! Finally! The only thing is that I am on holiday with my family who also want to use the internet, so I can’t guarantee many blog posts. This post is mainly here to acknowledge that I have been nominated for about three awards/challenges, which I promise I will get around to answering as soon as possible!

In case you didn’t already know, I am in South Africa for the next three weeks or so, and my grandparents don’t really have wifi so that’s why I have scheduled some posts and is why I am only answering to comments and liking other people’s blog posts. I can’t actually write proper posts because most of the time when I connect to the internet it’s at a restaurant or at the mall, which only really gives you about half an hour a day, so there’s no point trying to write anything decent… if you get what I mean?

But have no fear, I have a long list of things to write about either when I get back, or when I have time, so there are posts for you guys on the way! I haven’t completely disappeared! I’m not quite dead. Yet.

My sister wants to use the computer now, so I’m going to have to head off. I miss you all, and I promise you will get some amazing posts soon enough!

-The Storyteller

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