Flashback Friday #6

The one when I forgot…

Hey guys!

I totally DID NOT forget that it was Friday today. No way. *cough*

Okay, I admit it. I forgot that it was Friday, except I remembered to go swimming so something clearly wasn’t working right in my brain. Anyway, better late than never, eh?

Tonight’s Flashback Friday is a sad tale of one of my swimming galas a few years ago. It was a gala for 14 year olds and under, so I can’t really remember how old I actually was at the time but it was between the ages of 11 and 14. My sister had a tennis tournament on the same day that I was swimming, so I think my mum dropped me off, then took my sister to where she needed to be. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the first time I had done this particular gala, so I was fairly confident. (I’d never won anything special, but I knew what I was supposed to be doing!)

A few hours later, I’d done a few of my races, and I was just having a bit of a bad day. I had either come last or got disqualified in most of my races and I kept getting my hopes up for the next race, only to not get a PB time. So when my sister and my mum came back from the tournament, I went over to them for some support. But, my sister had actually won her tournament, and she showed me this huge (it probably wasn’t actually huge) trophy, and then I just burst into tears because I hadn’t won anything.

I’ll say now that you don’t need to feel sorry for me (if you were). I think I was a bit jealous as well because I’d never won such a big trophy. But the main thing I learnt from that gala is that it doesn’t matter if you get disqualified, because it’ll only make you stronger as long as you persevere. I’ve been swimming competitively for around 8 years, and now I don’t get so bummed out if I get disqualified because it isn’t as big a deal as it was when I was little. Having said that, I can’t remember the last time I was disqualified… I think I learnt a vital lesson that day, so I made sure I wouldn’t get disqualified again!

-The Storyteller


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