The Longest Day

Hey guys!

About half an hour ago I got back from work. Most of you probably know I am a lifeguard, have been since January 2014 technically speaking. I mean, that’s when I passed my NPLQ. But that’s not the point. In the year that I have been employed at the pool I work at, I’ve only ever had two shifts that were over 6 hours. One of them was today.

I got a text from one of my colleagues last night asking if I could do the 13:30-22:30 shift, and I took the opportunity because I haven’t worked much recently because of exams. The nice thing about where I work is that you can work when you’re free and if they need you, they’ll give you a call. I think the last long shift I worked was around 7 hours, but today beat the old record, as I worked a whopping 9 hours. And now my feet hurt.

Let’s take this back to the beginning. I woke up at 6:30, because I have light blue curtains and the sun was shining through them. I had to get up at 8:30 because I had a piano lesson at 9, except I overslept and I woke up at about 8:59, so I threw on some clothes and was still in half-pyjamas-half-normal-clothes by the time my teacher knocked on the door. Thankfully she also told me that she slept in as well, so I wasn’t the only one!

My car was also booked in for it’s MOT today at 10:30, and there was a manic rush to get there in time, but we got caught up in traffic and it was pouring down with rain and everything sucked. But we got there okay, and even though we were late for the appointment, everything was fine. I made sure that the car would be ready by 13:00 at the latest, and then I went home.

So that takes us 13:30, I got to the pool with my recently MOT’d car, and one of the horrible receptionists was on duty. I haven’t ever done anything to annoy her, but whenever I’ve worked with her, she is always just… meh… So when I got there, I signed in, and she asked me something about having to rotate with one of the other lifeguards to work on reception because she had somewhere else she needed to be, but I hadn’t done any reception training before so I wasn’t much help. Then as I was still signing things off, she called up to the gym (the pool and gym are different buildings separated by the car park and a tennis court) and was being really loud when she said “and Janet doesn’t know how to use the computer”. Well. I’m sorry that no one has taken the time to train me to use the computer. #NotMyFault. Anyway, I decided to walk away from her at that point and went down to the pool.

Everything was going okay up until around 18:30. I had just come off my break, and one of the other lifeguards told me that there were a couple of kids who were misbehaving so to prepare to tell them off. Little did I know just how annoying they would be. I had already told one of them off for throwing one of the sinking toys at his friend, and no more than 10 minutes later, they were at the deep end (I was standing at the shallow end) trying to do back-flips off the wall. Now, I’m talking about proper back-flips out of the water. So I had to walk all the way down to the deep end, and tell them off. Except they found that going under water was much more interesting than anything I had to say, so when my other colleague came over to help me out, we had the great pleasure of asking them to leave the pool.

After that things got a little less exciting, but I am just so tired now. 9 hour shifts are not exactly “fun”. But at least I’m getting paid for it!

-The Storyteller


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