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June Update

Hey Guys!

I had no idea what kind of post to write today, so I’m just going to write about anything and everything. I have called this an “update”, but normally when I do update posts, it’s when I haven’t written something for a while, which isn’t the case here.

So, first thing’s first- I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Why, you ask? Because, my friends, SHINEDOWN. THAT IS WHY. Shinedown are my favourite band, and they are releasing… something  tomorrow. I don’t think it’s a new album because there would have been singles released by now. Maybe it’s the single we’ve all been waiting for? They’re using the hashtag CTC, so maybe it’s a release date? I DON’T KNOW BUT I’M SO FRICKEN EXCITED!

Secondly, on Tuesday I am going to London with my sister and my mum to sort out her passport, and then we’re going to spend the rest of the day in the city. Her cousin lives in London so we’re going to meet up with her and her husband in Soho, which is somewhere I’ve never actually been before (although I’ve been near it) to have some lunch. And I think I’ve convinced my mum to take me to the Lush store on Oxford Street. Because I haven’t been there yet and the one closest to me is tiny, I think it’s only fair that we go and have a look around.

On Wednesday my friends and I are hoping to go to the beach and have a BBQ which will be fun, because it’ll be one of the last times we’re all together before we all go off travelling- one of my friends is going to the USA, the other to Sweden, and my family are going to South Africa.

Which brings me onto the next point. I’m going to South Africa again this year, leaving on the 11th July, so as a pre-warning, posts may be very irregular. It depends how often I can get internet access, and I will be away for about three weeks. Normally I find a way to write on my blog, but just in case I can’t, then this is my way of telling you!

Last night I had my first away swimming gala in about 6 months, which was so so fun and I forgot how much I missed competing against other clubs. It was a friendly gala, and I was entered in about 7 races, including three relays. I only got one PB which was in the 100m IM (Individual Medley, for those of you who don’t know the swimming lingo) but I don’t care that I only got one PB- I was faster than my previous time by about 4 seconds, which is AMAZING! At my age, it gets harder to improve by that much so I am so happy with my achievement.

Talking about swimming, I have a gala next weekend on 4th July, which will probably be one of my last galas with my club before I go to University. My goal has been to try and get a county time on the 50m Freestyle, because I’m a mere 2 seconds off, but it’s been one of my hardest times to beat. I didn’t do so well last night, but hopefully next week I’ll do better.

And there we go. That is my week in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time. Although I won’t actually see you… never mind…

-The Storyteller


7 thoughts on “June Update”

  1. Your swimming time thing is still epic to me. EEEEE SO MUCH FUN STUFF. LUSH! APPAZ they have exclusive products in the Oxford street one, yeah!
    Love update posts 🙂

    1. Yeah, I used to do Update posts every couple of month and then I just stopped doing them…. I think I might do some more often, maybe like one a month or something!
      And thank you for your lovely comment! I’m so looking forward to going to London 😀

  2. You are very busy. I envy your trip to London. I’ve never been out of the country, but would love to see the world, or parts of it. Thank you for updating, sounds exciting and filled with discovery.

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