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Review on… Jurassic World

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went to see Jurassic World with my sister, cousin, and friend. I’m going to get straight into the nitty gritty, and say it was absolutely fantastic.

The film is set 20 odd years after Jurassic Park, and they have created “Jurassic World” on the same island. In the labs, a giant dinosaur has been created as a hybrid between the mighty T-Rex, and something else that remains a secret for about three quarters of the film. Obviously, it is when one of the owner’s nephews visits the park that everything seems to go wrong…

We saw the film in 3D and it definitely made it a lot scarier, and made me jump a few times! I loved Chris Pratt (I mean I loved him already, but hey), and I think my favourite character apart from him was Larry. Larry was cool…

I think if you’re someone who hasn’t seen the original films, then there’s not too much to worry about, because the storyline isn’t really following on from it. There are some references, however, but generally you’ll be able to keep up. The only problem is the other people who tell you off for not being a “true fan”!

Seriously though guys, I honestly think this film was better than the originals, to a certain extent. It’s clearly made for a newer audience, but at the same time there are elements for the fans of the original films to enjoy as well. The graphics were amazing, and the dinosaurs were incredibly realistic! There are also a number of underlying themes, such as family relationships. It’s one of those films that kept making me think about what I would do in that situation.

I highly, highly recommend this film. Seriously. Go and see it. You don’t have to be a dinosaur fanatic to enjoy the story!  For those of you who have seen it already, what did you think? Make sure to leave a comment!

-The Storyteller



6 thoughts on “Review on… Jurassic World”

  1. I really liked it. It felt less creative than the original, but in defense the original was groundbreaking. A few too many things I’d seen before: a layer of plexiglass between children and teeth, the flare, surrounded by velociraptors with a gigantic intervention, even some driving skills from Indiana Jones. I think with twenty years they might have dazzled me with new things. I was dazzled though.

      1. I was afraid they were going to use those air tanks that kept rattling around to blow up the new dinosaur ala Jaws. This is the fourth movie, and it’s even harder. They did some things very well, and I enjoyed the film.

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