Me? Inspiring? OKAY!

Hey guys!

I have been nominated by the lovely Aiden for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! This is so exciting! Now, there are a few rules, which are the following:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Add the logo to you post (I don’t have the logo, so if you already know what it is, just pretend it’s there. That’s better, isn’t it? Cool.)
  3. Nominate ten bloggers who inspire you
  4. Answer the following questions…

Okie-dokie, let’s get started!

In your personal life, which person inspires you the most?
Hmmm… there are a lot of people who are inspirational in my personal life… I think my sister is really inspirational because she always (okay, not always, but a lot of the time) puts on a brave face even if she’s terrified, and she has a strong sense of wanting to achieve something, no matter how ambitious. But don’t tell her I said that, okay?

Who is your role model?
Again, a very hard question to answer… I think people like Emma Watson are incredibly inspiring, because they show that even with fame, you can do something amazing to help others, and she has been able to use her position as a public figure to make a change in the lives for people who aren’t able to speak out. So, I’d probably say Emma Watson.

Which sound do you hear this current moment?
The dishwasher, and my sister revising  with my mum for her Philosophy exam which is tomorrow morning.

Do you make efforts to make others feel emotionally and mentally stronger?
I try to be always smiling and happy because I don’t want other people to feel down when I’m also feeling down. I’m a bit like Monica from friends, as I have an unhealthy need to please people…. But I enjoy it. Seeing other people happy makes me happy because I was able to help them through something.

Which is the best quote for you?
“You’re not a bad person. You’re a very good person, who bad things have happened to. Besides, the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”
-Sirius Black, from Harry Potter.
Why do I love this quote? Because it almost always makes me cry. Because it’s Sirius fricking Black. And I love him. And this quote is so damn true (yes, including the Death Eaters). I think everyone needs a Sirius Black in their lives, and this is something that always inspires me when I’m feeling down. Especially the first part of the quote!

I also really like, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. Because it’s okay to be ambitious and to be different from the people around you.

So now I nominate:

But I Smile Anyway


Edwina’s Episodes

A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts


Lost in the World of Blogging

Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens

Searching for Another Future

Rhea Reads Words

Okay well that’s nine rather than ten… the last nominee (unless you’ve been nominated already) is YOU! THE PERSON READING THIS! (I don’t know if that counts but there’s nothing wrong with bending a few rules!)

-The Storyteller


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