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The Resident Spider

Hey guys!

Unfortunately the spider of this little story is no longer with us, so he’s not exactly a “resident spider” anymore, but hey, let’s just go with it. Think of this post like a tribute to all the other resident spiders out there who choose to live in our bath tubs or in the corners of our bedrooms.

So we have a leak at the moment, on the ceiling of the office. In our house, we have the main bathroom, which seems to be the cause of the leak and it is positioned above the office which is a bit frustrating because it now means that if we want to shower we have to use the shower in my mum’s bathroom. It’s also annoying because the main bathroom has a bath, so I know have to wait even longer to be able to use all my Lush bathbombs and other smelly things because the fricken leak is messing up my routine! And we have to wait until Tuesday for the plumber to come and make a whole in the ceiling to try and get to the pipes and it’s all just a bit… uhhhh. 

So because there is no one currently using the bath, and the weather is getting warmer, the open window allowed a little spider to come crawling into the bathroom one night, and got himself stuck in the bath. (I don’t know if it actually was a “he” but I’m gonna go with it for now. And when I say “little”, it wasn’t really that little.) Whenever I saw it, the spider was always trying to get itself out of the bath and its legs were going round in circles so fast it just looked a little bit  blurred. Spiders never seem to learn, eh?

Our resident spider was in the bath for about three days, and at first I freaked out a little bit, because I’m not a massive fan on spiders and with this one, I didn’t really want to touch it because even though it was a small spider compared to others, it made me feel rather uncomfortable, so I just left it. That makes me sound quite cruel, but… spiders. Ew. No thanks.

So we had this spider in the bath for a few days, and I was starting to get used to it, and I wasn’t as worried about it as I was when it first made its appearance. I even started to check where it was, to see if it had made its way around the whole perimeter of the bath (which it had), but it seemed to prefer the part of the bath closest to the plug. Interesting choice. But then came the day when I walked into the bathroom, and the resident spider was there no more. My brother must have decided that enough was enough, he didn’t want this spider to be a resident anymore, and so it must have been flung out of the window into the wilderness of the neighbour’s garden.

Why is it that spiders choose to get themselves stuck in the bath in the first place? I mean, there are so many problems that come with it, including the fact that they can get washed down the plug. And of course, spiders can never get out because the surface is so slippery.

But yeah… our bathroom is no longer home to a spider stuck in the bath. I think there are a few in the corner of the bathroom, but they’ve been there for a while and haven’t really moved much… Maybe someone should check to see if they’re still alive…

-The Storyteller


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