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Being Injured

Hey guys!

At the moment I am suffering from a sore shoulder, because I tried to shut the curtains behind the couch while I was sitting down so I twisted in a weird way and now I’ve pulled a muscle or something. I don’t have swimming training until Friday, so I hope it’ll recover before then, but it still hurts when I try to do anything that requires a lot of movement. Secondly, I started swimming training again on Sunday after a week long break for half term, and I’ve done something to my ankle. It feels like it needs to click, but it won’t. And it hurts when I do kick, which is a very important part of swimming so I’m a bit frustrated right now.

As a competitive swimmer, I hate missing training sessions because I get really competitive with my friends if they’re all suddenly loads faster than me, all because I’ve missed a couple of sessions due to something relatively minor. Like this ankle problem. It means that instead of doing a kick set, I have to do pull. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love doing pull. I prefer it to kick because my kick is really bad when it comes to swimming… It can be really frustrating though, because then if I’m far behind because of an injury, and when it comes to the end of a session and everyone else has been able to finish the set, I get annoyed at myself for being injured and not being able to swim properly. I could just not turn up to the session and let the injured area heal, but I’m stupid and I don’t listen to people’s good advice. (Unless it’s a really bad injury. Then I will make the right choice!)

I love swimming. If you hadn’t already gathered. My next Flashback Friday post is even about swimming. I have just always loved swimming, and unfortunately, when you swim or do a sport competitively, injuries often come with it. I suppose I’m lucky because I’ve never had to take loads of time off from swimming. I think the worst thing that happened to me was a few years ago when I had a chest infection, where I literally couldn’t breathe. And the time off swimming made me really agitated and I just wanted to get back into the water because I hate the feeling of being left behind. I’ve never had a broken bone, either, which is lucky. Just thinking about the time off makes me grateful that I’m not a walking disaster!

The other thing is that my coach probably loves swimming just as much as I do. If you miss a session, or if you’re late he’ll ask you loads of stuff, and question your commitment to the club, and he may even call you a “part time swimmer”, (which has become a bit of a running joke in the five or so year’s he’s been our head coach) which is when you know he’s annoyed. (By the way, when I say “you”, I don’t mean you personally. I think you’re great!) So when I’m injured, kind of like I am now, I don’t want to be the one who missed the session, because my injury isn’t even that bad compared to what other people have had to deal with.

I like writing about sport. I forgot how much I liked writing about it! I don’t think there’s enough people who write about sport these days, because a lot of people on the internet think of sport as a “no go area”, which I understand. At school when we had to do PE, I didn’t like a lot of the sports because all the PE teachers had their favourites and it was so degrading when they were like “Everyone watch this person because they’re better than you”. So I understand if sport isn’t your thing! But I enjoy it, so… I’m gonna carry on.

I’ve completely gone off track now. Sorry about that! To conclude, if I ever got a serious injury that meant I couldn’t swim anymore, I would be devastated. But, knowing me, I’d pick myself up, and probably start coaching or something. To be really honest, I’d probably go for the odd swim every now and then, but let’s just keep that between you and me!

See you on Friday!

-The Storyteller


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