15 Days…

Hey guys! 

This is going to be a quick post just to say that as of today, I have 15 days left until my last exam. My last ever A-Level. So I am going to go back onto my mini hiatus thing, because as I am on study leave now, I think I should really focus and get on with that little thing called “revision”. I will be very tempted to procrastinate and scroll through my reader, but for the next two weeks I am going to try and keep blogging to minimum. At the moment I think I’m just going to do one post a week, which will be the Flashback Friday posts. If I have anything else which is of high importance, I will probably upload that too. 

I hope all of your exams have been okay, and if you’re one of those people who don’t have to do exams anymore… Well, aren’t you a lucky one? 

So basically, I’m going to be away for the next two weeks. But I’m sure WordPress will be able to function without me for a little bit! 

-The Storyteller


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