Hey guys!

I have so much I want to write over the next few days, so I’m going to kick off with a kind of “review” on one of my all time favourite bands, Hurts.

My sister introduced me to Hurts in the last year, and although I only have their second album, “Exile”, I instantly loved their sound and the lyrics and the drama that comes with the album as a whole. I think my favourite songs on this particular album include:

  • Exile
  • Miracle
  • Blind
  • Mercy
  • Somebody to Die For

I strongly recommend you listen to these songs, as well as any others you can find, because they are a truly amazing band and I feel that they need more recognition. (I say that because not many people I know in the UK seem to have heard of Hurts before, and I think more people need to know who they are!)

Today they released an audio track for their new song, “Some Kind of Heaven”, which you can listen to below:

Personally I love this new song. It’s definitely a lot more of a “pop” song in comparison to their previous tracks but you can clearly hear that it’s a “Hurts Song”. I don’t know what it is about it, but if someone asked me who I thought the song was by, my guess would be Hurts. (Obviously if they asked me before I heard the song!)

So give a listen to Hurts. They’re a really great band and are on my list of bands I want to see live at some point!

-The Storyteller


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