A New Blog Series!

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been on my semi-hiatus thing recently, mainly because of revision, and also because at the moment I am actually in France, so blogging is going to be a bit on and off. HOWEVER. I have a cunning plan…

I’m sure the majority of you have heard of #FlashbackFriday, especially those of you who use Twitter and Instagram a lot, so I thought I would make my own blog series called Flashback Friday. Every Friday I will write a blog post, reminiscing about my childhood, or talking about some old classic tunes/whatever I used to listen to on repeat when I was eleven years old, so I’m basically going to go on a trip down memory lane every week. It’s about being nostalgic and remembering my youth as vividly as possible!

I haven’t done a weekly blog series before, so hopefully I’ll remember. I did manage to do Blogmas last December where I wrote a blog post everyday from December 1st-25th. So I think I’ll be able to do this!

If you have any recommendations about things you want me to write about, such as old films, or TV shows, or musicians, then feel free to comment down in the comment section and we can all go through this together like one big community. Because this is a community, this weird and wonderful world of blogging. And I feel we need to have something more than just blogging that we can connect with. Does that make sense? Like, my favourite TV show when I was five may be the same TV show you loved when you were five, and we’ll instantly have more in common! Everybody wins!

So starting this coming Friday, I will start my new Flashback Friday blog series, and I’ll try to see how far I go with it!

-The Storyteller


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