The Storyteller’s 5th Anniversary!

Hey guys!

I’ve just received a notification from WordPress to wish me a happy anniversary, because on this day 5 years ago, I registered to this marvelous website! And seeing as it is the 5th anniversary, I thought I may as well have to write a post for you guys.

I was going to go on a bit of a rant about my French speaking exams and how me AS re-take went pretty well but my A2 one was a bit “meh”, and that the examiner was really late because he was on the dual carriageway and there was a massive crash including about four cars so he was delayed, and then he gave me the wrong card and then I had to start speaking again because he gave the next person the wrong cards as well…. uhhhh it was a nightmare!

But I don’t want this to be negative. This is a happy day of celebration. (Apparently) So I thought it would be a better idea to go on a little trip down memory lane.

I still remember one of my first “proper” posts was about rain. Personally, I really like the rain, so I thought I’d go on a rant about why people should stop complaining about the rain, because there’s nothing you can really do to stop it… Yeah. I was in with the cool kids back then…

One of my best highlights was when I wrote a review about a series of books called “Time Riders” by Alex Scarrow, and he commented on it! It was literally one of the best days of my life and I was fangirling way too hard and could not deal with the feels… It was a good day.

What else is there… there have been many milestones, such as reaching the next round number of followers, or reaching a certain number of hits or likes, which always adds a perk to my day. “Meeting” new people has also been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about having a blog, because there are so many blogs I follow who blog about different things and there’s always something that keeps me interested when I’m procrastinating from my revision.

Over the last six months or so, I’ve gained a whole load of new followers, which, for any blogger, is a big deal and I am thankful for all of you who have stayed with me either from the beginning, or from last week. Every time someone comments, likes, or subscribes it makes me realize why I decided to start a blog in the first place, which was to get my voice heard. And apparently people like what I have to say, so well done, Janet, that was a good move!

There are many more memories than the ones I’ve mentioned above, but to be really honest with you I can’t actually remember them all off the top of my head! So for the mean time, I am going to go back on my Semi-Hiatus Thing.

See you next time.

-The Storyteller

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