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Hey guys!

Just so you are aware, my first exam is this coming Thursday, and from then onwards I’m going to be stressing out about all of my other exams which I “should have revised more” for, so I am going on a Semi-Hiatus Thing from my blog for the next few weeks. I say “Semi-Hiatus”, because knowing me, there will be something that pops into my head whilst on this little break, which I am going to write about ASAP in fear that I’ll forget it, so make sure to look out for the odd post here and there! So don’t you worry!

  • I am not going to drop off the face of the Earth,
  • I’m not going to die, I’m not ill,
  • I’m not going to delete my blog,
  • I’m not going to quit blogging,

The reason for this post is just in case you start hearing any rumours! For the record, my last exam is on the 15th June so from then on I will be writing here as I normally do.

-The Storyteller


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