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Review on… Talk About You by Mika

Hey guys!

Do any of you remember Mika? The guy who sang “Grace Kelly”, “Happy Ending”, and “Lollipop”? Well, he is in fact one of my favourite singers and has released a new song, called “Talk About You”. Now, before I go on to talk about Mika (see what I did there? eh?) I want to say that even though I really like listening to his music, I didn’t particularly like his newest third album, called “The Origin of Love”. For me the songs didn’t have the same thing his others did which made me such a massive fan of his. So I did stop listening to him for a while. But when I heard that he was releasing a new single, I was intrigued, and my 11 year old self kept saying to give it a chance… so I did.

Firstly, I love that the video is so colourful. If I was to make a music video, I would do something like that. (Although I have actually made a music video and it was nothing like that… but if I could do it again with a bigger budget-you get what I’m saying, right?) It’s fairly simple, but it’s cute and puts a smile on my face. The thing I like about Mika is that his outfits are always pretty great and this video is no exception. I love all of his suits (particularly the blue one!) I think this song has made me realize why I loved Mika so much in the first place. It’s like when you listen to a song which you used to listen to all the time when you were younger, and you remember why you became addicted to that song. I think it’s the same thing here with this song, because it kind of reminds me of the “old” Mika. I just hope that when the album comes out, the song does it justice and that the rest of the album is just as good!

It would be nice if this song became a hit in the UK, because I feel like not enough people know, or remember Mika, because he didn’t really have any singles that were super popular off “The Origin of Love”. But then I suppose all fans want their favourite singer to be a success and to carry on writing music!

What do you think of the song?

-The Storyteller


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