A Good 48 Hours

Hey guys!

I’ve ranted on and on about how I’m struggling with French because I was crazy enough to take it to AS level, and then even crazier to take it for another year. However, things appear to be turning around- for the better.

Yesterday we had one part of a mock speaking test, and it went quite well. Probably because our homework was to prepare for it, so I spent ages looking for good phrases to use, which was a good thing but considering in the exam we’re only going to have 20 minutes to prepare, I think yesterday was an exception. The topic we had to talk about was immigration, and overall my teacher said she’d give me a B grade, which is like the best grade I’ve ever got in a French speaking test so that raised my spirits. The only thing about it though, is that I can never tell if my teacher is just being nice when she gives us marks, because I do sometimes find her a bit… patronizing. But anyway, a B’s a B!

She then went on to say that she had noticed that my work had been improving since parent’s evening which was back in January/February, and I was going through a bit of a rough patch. I think I’d just gotten myself into a panic and I couldn’t remember anything and I had already prepared myself for the worst case scenario. But it’s always nice to know that your teachers notice you are in fact making an effort outside of school. (I didn’t show her my Grammar folder that I specifically asked my mum to get so I could organize my life even more, but I didn’t really want to brag…)

Today was the speaking test part 2, and we have had to research a region of France over the last academic year and it’s basically a conversation about certain aspects of it. This wasn’t as good as yesterday’s, but she said it was around a C grade which is still great for me. If I come out with a C in French at the end of it, I’ll be ecstatic. Last week we had done a past paper, and she gave us the marks for that at the end of today’s speaking test, and she split it up into different sections: in the listening and reading I got C’s, in the translation (which everyone does badly in apparently) I… uh… it wasn’t so great, but in the essay I got a B, which is the highest grade I’ve gotten so far this year and that pulled my overall mark up to a C (well… almost a C. It was like 2% off a C, so I basically got a C).

I am also re-sitting two of my French AS exams- the speaking and the written paper. I had a speaking practice today, and although she didn’t tell me my grade, she said it’s definitely coming on and I was more confident and the conversation seemed much more relaxed, which I’m taking as a good thing. She also said it was probably a good idea that I chose to re-take the speaking exam, which I’m not sure if that meant she thinks my A2 speaking grade will be rubbish, or anything else, but I’m still in a good mood about it so I’ll try not to let that bother me!

I was planning to write about other stuff, not just my French grades, but French is the one subject that I’ve really struggled with so this has certainly put me in high hopes about the speaking exams in 2 weeks, and the other written papers. And also, I think it goes to show that revision does actually work. It’s not a myth!

Now I’m starting to worry that I’ve revised too much on French and not so much for English Literature, which is the subject I need an A in to get into my first choice of University! So I’m going to go and revise some poetry now- see you later!

-The Storyteller


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