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Picking Favourites

Hey guys!

I know I can be incredibly indecisive when it comes to choosing certain things. Like if someone asks me to choose between two things that I either like or dislike equally, I won’t be able to choose. Often, I just won’t choose something if the question is to choose my favourite film, for example, because there are just too many to choose from. But last year I read a particular book which I think is going to always be the one I call my favourite.

“A Thousand Splendid Suns” is Khaled Hosseini’s second novel, written in 2007 following the success of his first novel, “The Kite Runner”. I read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” before I’d read “The Kite Runner”, but I had watched the film version of the book when I was a bit younger so I did have an understanding already. Personally I preferred “A Thousand Splendid Suns” far more out of the two, and to be honest, I can’t say why exactly. It may be because I read it first, or because I was more interested in the story line. I think the latter is definitely true.

The novel is about two women, Mariam, whose narrative takes up the first half, and Layla, who narrates the second half. They live in Afghanistan, and eventually end up marrying the same abusive husband, Rashim. The story is so cleverly written, it’s emotional, it’s educational, it’s just… amazing and although I didn’t cry whilst reading it, (because I am cold-hearted) I will say that it is a book that has brought several people I know to tears.

I haven’t read it more than once, partly because I read it on my Kindle Fire which runs out of battery incredibly quickly so I just don’t use it too often, but also because I’m an English Literature student and that means having to read a variety of novels. This is both good and bad, because it means that although I can read loads of classics, it also means I am fairly limited to reading what I want to read in my spare time. Having said that, I don’t really have that much spare time anymore but you get the idea!

What are some of your favourite books? And have you read “A Thousand Splendid Suns”? If not, I seriously think it’s something worth reading, and it’s also being made into a film! So read it now!

-The Storyteller

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