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Reasons Why Exams Suck

Hey guys!

My first exam is on the 14th of May, and my Year 13 Celebration Day (or Leaver’s Day. Except we come back to school the week after) is on the 15th of May, which was all fine until I realized my English AS re-take is also on the 15th. I knew there would be some clashes but it hadn’t occurred to me that I would be one of the few who would be affected.

They’ve organized it so the first two hours will be fairly quiet, out of respect for the poor souls who have to sit exams, but it’s still annoying because that means whatever I choose to dress up as, it’ll be a bit awkward sitting in a hall with the other people in my year who are re-sitting, and also the year 12’s just looking at me… and apparently if I do that, then I’m not allowed to wear a costume that has loads of pockets or hidden parts that I can use to have things to cheat. Not that I would do that, obviously.

My group of friends has finally decided what we want to dress up as, and our theme within the “Whole Year Theme” of Fiction is The Avengers. It seems appropriate seeing as Age of Ultron is being released really soon! At the moment I’m either going to go as Thor, Hawkeye, or Captain America, but my sister also wants to be Cap so we’re not too sure yet. But if I went as someone like Thor, it would be really weird sitting in the hall with a helmet, a cloak and a hammer…

It just really sucks because I hate being left out of things with my friends, and I know my exam is important, but the head of sixth form really should have organized it better. I am probably sounding really selfish, but I’m not the only one who’s going to be missing out- the English AS exam isn’t the only one happening on that morning! I will have the rest of the day to have fun but it means we won’t really be able to walk into school together as a group, because I have to be in the hall by 8.45 so there’s going to be no time.

So that is why I hate exams at the moment. I hated them anyway, but this has just put a downer on the whole “celebration” thing. You know? I don’t want to remember my “last” day of year 13 as sitting a two-hour exam. I’m sure I’ll get over it, but does anyone else get my frustration?

-The Storyteller


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