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Review on… “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert

Hey guys!

Wow, three days without a post, how did you guys all manage?!

Anyway, what better way was there for me to get back into blogging than writing a review, eh? Today was the first time I heard “Ghost Town”, the new single from Adam Lambert’s upcoming new album “The Original High”. You can have a listen to the song below:

I really like how the song starts with just the guitar, and the occasional echo. The main problem I have with the song is that for me, there appears to be two parts of the song and it sounds like they’ve put two different genres together. Or they put the original and the remix in the same song… Do you get what I mean? I mean, I think I would love the chorus and the verses as separate songs, but I’m not sure about them being together.

To be honest, I wasn’t really keeping up to date with Adam Lambert and the release of his new singles, so when I heard this I hadn’t had time to prepare myself for what I was going to listen to. I loved his second album, “Trespassing”, and at the moment I’m wondering if the next album is going to be successful. But then again, I always think about that kind of thing with loads of other artists, so it’s nothing personal against Adam!

I have just listened to it for a second time, and I have to say it is growing on me, but I think it’s going to take a little while. Maybe when he releases more singles, there may be some other songs that I prefer but at the moment, I have to say this wasn’t what I was expecting. I have no problems with artists creating a completely different sound in each of their albums but… I don’t know. It’s not quite there for me.

-The Storyteller


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