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Hayfever Season

Hey guys!

I think it’s fair to say that here, in the UK, we have officially hit summer (weather-wise). Or as I like to call it, Hayfever Season. I am one of the many sufferers of hayfever, and it really sucks because you have to keep dosing up on anti-histamines, or having eye-drops…

Eye drops are the worst for someone like me though because I can’t stand things going in my eyes. It took me until last summer to finally be able to do eye drops in my own eyes by myself (i.e. not having my mum do it), which was a pretty big deal because my theory was that I would know when I squeezed the bottle, and therefore would blink anyway… it didn’t end up working like that, and now I don’t really trust anyone else to give me eye drops unless it’s me.

I do love summer, because all of a sudden everyone seems a lot happier and more optimistic. For example, this morning I had the absurd thought of starting to go running when exams are over. Yeah. I know. Me? Running? But I do want to give it a go, and if it’s really as bad as I’ve always thought it was, then I’ll just revert to cycling. (It’s a lot easier on the legs!)

The other thing I forgot to mention is that I live in the countryside, so there is a lot of cut grass, which I am also allergic to. I’m not even joking when I say this, but I can walk out the house, take two steps off the porch and immediately my nose will start itching, and I’ll need to sneeze but it’s one of those sneezes that just plays with you and you just end up sneezing like an hour later. So after waiting to sneeze for ages, and wanting to sneeze, you end up sneezing so much it gets out of control and you start crying* and everyone looks at you….

So I hope you are all having a good Saturday, and the weather is as good where you are as it is here. Although there is a little too much wind, but I’m not complaining!

-The Storyteller

*crying from sneezing, not from everyone looking at you. (Or both?)


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