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The Mystery of the Scar

Hey guys!

So something weird happened last night/this morning.

As some of you know I swim on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Sunday, Tuesday and Friday nights. This morning when I arrived at the pool and I was in the changing rooms, I noticed a red mark on my right shin. At first I didn’t look at it properly and I thought it might just be a thread from some item of clothing or something, but when I looked closer, it was a proper scratch… and I had no idea where it came from. 

You see, there is a strong chance that I scratched my shin when I was asleep, and I just didn’t notice. However, it looks like the type of scratch that would really hurt. Like… really. It still stings a little bit every now and then and it’s frustrating me because it wasn’t there last night after swimming, or when I went to sleep. And I don’t remember noticing it when I got dressed this morning, even though it was quite early.

I have suffered from eczema for pretty much my whole life. Well, I say “suffered” but I’m used to it so I wouldn’t use that word exactly… I’ve had eczema for as long as I can remember so I’m used to having itchy skin but this isn’t really the same, I mean… this scratch on my leg isn’t the type of scratch you’d get from having an itch. It’s totally bizarre and I know that it’s just going bug me that I’m never going to know how I got it. Bruises that appear out of nowhere, I understand. I walk into things and fall over all the time, so many times, in fact, that most of the time I can’t remember which table I walked into to get this bruise.

So the mystery of the scratch still remains a mystery, unfortunately. I’m hoping that it’s going to go by this Sunday, though, because I’m working a 5 hour shift at the pool and that means people are going to see my legs because of my uniform, and I will probably get a few questions.

Whatever happens, I’ll probably keep you updated (depending if it’s interesting or not… it probably won’t be…)

-The Storyteller


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