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Hey guys!

So, I don’t know if any of you can remember back to January when I wrote a post about all the things I am going to/want to do this year of 2015. I don’t know why, but I have a really positive feeling about it which is probably because I’m doing a hell of a lot of stuff.

But going back to the January post, I said that I may be going to Dubai with my sister and my friend to stay with that aunt-ย yeeeeah, that’s not happening. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask? Well, my friend’s sister went to Dubai this Easter and it was incredibly hot, and if we went in August, it would be too hot to even go swimming, so we’d spend the whole time inside. So we aren’t going to Dubai.

HOWEVER. My school was planning a trip to Budapest which was supposed to happen in February, but because not so many people were interested, it was cancelled. But, because there is a time slot in August when all my friends are free, we are hoping to spend a few days in Budapest, which I’m so excited about, and I really hope it won’t get cancelled this time!

I’ve definitely got the Travel bug, and I always want to explore new places. We were considering going to Athens, but that was more expensive, and we also looked at Amsterdam, but myself, my sister and my mum went there last year, so if I had the option I would rather go somewhere new.

Have any of you ever been to Budapest? What sort of things would you recommend a student who doesn’t have loads of money to waste?

-The Storyteller


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