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The Anti-Climax

Hey guys!

I’ve been telling myself that I am going to revise as soon as I write this post, so if you see me on Twitter or Instagram in the next 20 minutes after I’ve posted this post, then for the love of all things, tell me to go and revise.

Okay? Good.

So, I have experienced many anti-climatic moments in my lifetime, like I’m sure many of us have done. One of them was today. In our school, we were kind of “forced-but-not-really-forced” to take Extended Project, which is basically when you can write a 5,000 word essay on anything you like (with a few exceptions), or you can do a practical project with a 1,000 word essay to accompany it.

The fact that we were “forced-but-not-really-forced” to do EP was partly why I wasn’t that interested in it from the beginning, because it’s not hugely relevant to the Universities I want to go to so in a way it doesn’t matter too much what grade I get at the end of it. (Well it does matter, but not as much as my other subjects)

So part of the project is to do a presentation about what you’ve learnt, and everyone (teachers included) was making it out to be such a big deal, and they were saying that you have to present it in front of teachers, and parents, and school governors, and other students in the hall with your little desk, and everyone would come round and talk to you and move on… except it didn’t really work like that. I definitely got nervous for no good reason.

At 3:30 I got to the main hall, and set up, and no more than ten minutes later, my head of Sixth Form came over to my desk to assess me, which was fine once I got into it. My problem is that I talk too much, so I didn’t actually get to finish my slideshow, but he asked questions about what I was going to say anyway, so I didn’t miss anything out. (At least I hope not!) And then he left, and that was it. No one else came to see me, or ask me what I’d researched, so I waited in the hall for nearly an hour and a half for my sister to be quizzed about her presentation so we could go home.

I’m actually a bit annoyed, because I was looking forward to talking to loads of people. Talking is my specialty, and I have no shame in saying that I talk too much, so I feel like my talents have been wasted! 

Nah, I don’t really feel that way, but it was certainly an example of an anti-climax.

-The Storyteller


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