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Do Something Crazy!

Hey guys!

I’m one of those people who is a bit of a dreamer. I always think about things I want to do in the future, rather than what I should be doing now. (Like revision…)

Back in January, I wrote about things I want to achieve this year, and one of them was doing something to raise money for charity. I am still to do that, because when I’ve done fundraisers in the past, it’s been things which are fairly easy to do- I’ve swum miles for charity, I’ve helped out at cake sales… but this year I really want to do something crazy. I’ve never done a marathon, because I’m not really much of a runner, and I wouldn’t want to jump off a building or out of a plane, but I’d really like to do something that is challenging. When I say that I’m “not much of a runner”, I’m not crossing off marathon running from my potential list. It’s always a possibility, and I know that I would be challenging myself so it’s always an option. But my weird thing about it is that I want to do something different. You know? Or am I just being really picky?

This isn’t going to be a really long post, because I was just interested to know if you’ve ever done something crazy to raise money, or if you have any ideas? I did nearly abseil down the side of a church, but that was something organized by my school and they didn’t give me all of the information so it didn’t happen. But I’m always open to any ideas!

-The Storyteller


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