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National Siblings Day

Hey guys!

Today is Siblings Day, so I thought I would write about… having siblings. Wow, that’s so creative Janet, why didn’t I think of that? 

Now, I have two siblings. I have a brother who is one year older than me, and I also have a twin sister. No, we aren’t identical. This normally leads to a load of questions so I’m just going to save the time and answer them all for you:

  • I’m not the oldest, I am younger by 1 minute.
  • No, we don’t look the same. That’s why we’re unidentical. 
  • Yes, people ask us this all the time.
  • I don’t really know if being a twin is different from not being a twin. How would I know? Having a twin is like having any other sibling except we share the same birthday.
  • Yes, I’m used to it. I’ve had 18 years to get used to having a twin.
  • Yes, we have the same friends. Mostly.
  • We argue all the time but I can also tell her anything.
  • It’s rare that you find us saying the same thing at the same time. But it has happened.
  • We have a lot of similar interests but we also like our own thing.
  • We have shared a bedroom in the past but it all really depends on the house.

I think that’s most of the questions we get answered… these are the typical kind of things we get, and I’m sure a lot of other twins around the world get asked aswell. The only thing about writing a post like this is that I’m not really sure what to write now… So I may just leave it there!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fabulous Siblings Day! (Or if you don’t have any siblings, then I hope you have a happy Friday)

-The Storyteller


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