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The School Tag

Hey guys!

I’ve been nominated to do the School Tag by Hann, who has a super amazing blog and if you haven’t checked it out already, then what are you waiting for?

So here are the rules:

  1. Answer the questions,
  2. Tag other blogs to take part.


  1. What’s your favorite subject in school?
    At the moment, I would probably say Media, but English has always been at the top of my list as well. At GCSE, I loved History, Geography, and French.
  2. What’s your least favorite subject in school?
    At the moment, French because it’s really hard and I’d be very surprised if I didn’t fail my exam… Back in the day, however, I hated maths and Science (specifically Chemistry and Physics).
  3.  How many detentions did you get?
    I only remember getting one detention in Year 8 (I think) in maths because I forgot to do my homework. Yeah, I was a pretty hardcore kid…

  4. Were you a class rebel or a teacher’s pet?
    I’d probably have to say I was more on the teacher’s pet side of the scale, but every now and again I would rebel a little bit. Like this one time, in Art, I was drawing in the back of my art book and my teacher told me to stop drawing (ironic because art is all about drawing) but… wait for it… I didn’t stop drawing! Shock horror!

  5. What was your favorite year in school?
    I think Years 7-9 were quite good… but I think most years have had their perks.
  6. What was your least favorite year in school?
    Probably this year (Year 13) because it’s been the hardest (subject and exam-wise!)
  7. Who was your first friend in school?
    My first best friend was in my primary school in Cardiff, a girl called Rachel. Unfortunately I moved away and we lost contact after a while. Apparently though, I used to be best friends with my sister’s current best friend but then we went into different classes so… yeah.
  8. Your most vivid school memory?
    There are so many, but I have to say that the school trips have always been enjoyable. There was the Year 9 trip to Paris, (and I went again in Year 12), the trip to Rome last year, because we always got lost, the trip to London in Year 10 to the West End where we watched Blood Brothers and The Woman in Black, and also had a tour of the National Theatre… And I’ll always remember the time in Year 11 when I was in R.E and a kid in the corridor knocked something over, and we heard my history teacher saying “PICK THAT UP YOU MORON- YOU ARE AN INSULT TO MORONS EVERYWHERE!” or something along those lines. It was really quite amusing…
  9. Who was your favorite teacher in school?
    There were so many teachers… I think Mr Ennals (the history teacher from above), Mr Watson, Mrs Wilding, Miss Haliday, Miss Lea…
  10. Who was your least favorite teacher in school?
    There was a maths teacher I never had called Mr Manser, and he was really scary so I didn’t like him much when I was in Year 7, and also another maths teacher, Mr Palmer because he was a little… odd.
  11. Did you ever skip class?
    I skipped one of my french classes this year by accident because me and my friend didn’t realize my teacher had come back from being away so we went to Sainsbury’s instead. But we came back half way through the lesson though, so I don’t know if that one really counts.
  12. What’s the biggest fad you had in school?
    I don’t know if I’ve ever really gone through a fad… maybe I’m still going through it and I just haven’t realized it yet.
  13. Worst teacher joke ever?
    My media teacher always comes up with weird jokes that I don’t always understand but I can’t think of one off the top of my head right now… But in English a few weeks ago, we were reading an extract from Rebecca, which I reviewed the other day, and there is a place called “the Happy Valley”, to which she said “It sounds like a cereal”. I thought it was quite funny at the time. (I still do to be honest!)

I now tag the following blogs:

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2 thoughts on “The School Tag”

  1. You got to go to Paris and Rome? The farthest I’ve gone for school is to look at UC Davis (in California) and that’s like an hour away…the downsides public school I guess haha

    1. Yeah, in our school we have a thing called “project week” and most of the things you can do are in the UK, but there are some trips abroad! But that’s only for the first three years. I got to go again last year because I’m doing a-level French

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