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Hey guys!

Everyone considers something to be their “passion”, and what’s so great about it is that anyone can be passionate about anything. It doesn’t just have to be one thing in particular. For example, I would say that I am passionate about swimming, but I am also passionate about reading. These are the sorts of everyday things most people will associate with, and will be like “Yeah, I’m passionate about that stuff too!”

Recently, in the last year or so, I would say that I’ve definitely become more aware about the planet, and how we can do things to change the way in which we are heading in the moment- you know, the whole Climate Change, Greenhouse Effect kinda thing? At the start of the year, I said I wanted to do something different to raise money for a charity (which I am still to do, but I still have time, so I’m not lying to you!) and I know for sure that I would want to do something to raise money for something to help the environment, or animals or something like that. Why? Well, I consider the Earth to be a very important place for everyone, and I want to do my bit to raise awareness about the fact that this is the generation of change. We can’t wait any longer. I guess this whole environmental issue has become a passion of mine.


I really think that there are too many people who fit into the group of people that think there are plenty of others who will help change the world. Literally. I want to change the world because I’ve always wanted to be a Superhero, and I think even by spreading the word that we can’t just sit around all day doing nothing will hopefully get some of you motivated to change the way you live a little more. It doesn’t have to be massive differences to your daily lives, just things like turning the lights off when you don’t need them on, walking when you don’t need to drive, taking public transport, not wasting too much food… all these things are ways in which you can change tomorrow. I may sound harsh, but I think it’s true that the human race are a selfish bunch, because we have the belief that someone else is there to clean up after ourselves. But that’s not true. We have to learn to do our bit because very soon, there won’t be much left to save, and we’ll all be kicking ourselves asking “Why didn’t we do something sooner?” I’ll place a bet that the majority of people saying that will be the ones who did nothing when they had the chance.

So don’t be put into that category! Do something today, spread the word that you can be a Superhero and actually save the world by doing the little things that count.

-The Storyteller


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