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Dealing with Pressure

Hey guys,

I know I recently wrote a post about motivating yourself for things like exams, and I suppose this post is going to be along a similar line, but I don’t just want to talk about exam pressure. I want to talk about general pressure… if that’s a thing…

I saw this post on Facebook, and it’s what got me thinking:


I’m sure we all remember the fabulous David Tennant era of Doctor Who, and when Matt Smith became the title role, everyone talked down about him, when it wasn’t like it was his fault or anything… The thing about the Doctor is that he regenerates and the fans know that. Personally, the reason I didn’t like the latest series of Doctor Who is because of the storyline, not the acting. And reading this post made me realize and think about the amount of pressure Matt Smith must have been under both before he got the role, and during his time as the Doctor. This particular example is something I think a lot of people need to look at if they are in a position where they don’t feel like they can do it. I know being on a popular TV show is different than starting at a new job, but the thing here is that for Matt Smith, he was technically starting a new job, so… I guess the point is that everyone feels under pressure at some point, whether they are famous or not, whether they have learnt to hide it, or not.

The second photo I want to share with you is this one:


Yeah, this is a lot more humorous than the previous photo, but the point still remains that you have to believe in yourself and not worry about everyone else’s opinions. Worrying about what everyone else thinks is something that puts a lot of people under pressure these days, because everyone’s so worried about “fitting in”. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “geek” or a “jock” or whatever High School stereotype you would be put under, you just have to remember that as long as you are true to yourself then you’re going to be a lot happier than being someone you’re not.

I’m not going to tell you how to deal with pressure, because it’s something that will be different for everyone, and the ways I’ve dealt with pressure are going to be different to the ways you’ve dealt with pressure. The one thing I will say, however, is that there is nothing wrong with telling someone about anything that’s going on, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being “different”. For me, the word “normal” to describe someone’s personality doesn’t exist, because no one is “normal”. So hopefully that at least might take a bit of pressure of your shoulders! When it comes to being under pressure because of deadlines at work or at school, my best advice would be to just go out for a walk, and take a break, then come back to it a little while later (but not so long that you end up procrastinating).

I don’t know if that helped in anyway, but if you know me, then you know my blog is literally my thoughts on a page so you know, if it was helpful then great! If not, then maybe it’ll be helpful at some point in the future!

-The Storyteller


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