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Review on… The Guest

Hey guys!

Last night I watched “The Guest”, which stars Dan Stevens who was Mathew Crawley in Downton Abbey. I am a massive Downton fan, so I will watch anything with Dan Stevens in it! “The Guest” is something I wanted to watch when it came out in cinemas a few months ago, but I never got around to it. So finally, I have watched it and I can review it for you!

The film starts with Stevens’ character, David, turning up at the doorstep of the Peterson family, saying he was friends with their late son in the army. The family let him stay with them, but after a short while Anna, the eldest daughter, becomes suspicious of who David really is, after over-hearing him make a strange phone call. She then contacts the military base, to find more details about him, only to learn that David isn’t who he says he is…

Dun dun dunnnnn!

I’m not going to give anymore away because it’s definitely a film that shouldn’t be spoiled if you’re wanting to watch it. In general, I’d say it was good, but I think it could have been better. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, but nevertheless I did actually enjoy it. It is a really good thriller, and you’re left asking questions all the way through the film, right from the very beginning. The main questions you’ll find yourself asking are who is he? why has he turned up? where is he from? You know, the typical “who what where why?” thing. Except in this film they’ve really emphasized the fact that this guy is mysterious. The tagline of the film is even “Be careful who you let in”, so you know that this “David” character is up to no good.

The ending of the film is dramatic, which is what you’d usually expect- it reaches its climax, and then everything is resolved. Except in this film, I don’t feel like it is. *SPOILER ALERT* At the end, after the fight scene in the high school gym, David is definitely dead, because he is stabbed by Anna’s brother. However, when the firefighters arrive, we over-hear them saying that there were two dead bodies inside, when there were actually three dead bodies. A little while later, Anna sees a firefighter leaving the school with a limp… as the camera zooms in, we realize David isn’t dead. *END OF SPOILER ALERT* I’m not too sure how I felt about it, because it definitely made me feel uneasy, but I think that was the point the film makers were trying to make, and that’s how they wanted the audience to feel. After thinking about it, I quite like how it subverts the audience’s expectations, and I would probably watch it again.

This film is violent, by the way, and is rated as a 15 in the UK, as there is also a lot of strong language. So if that and gore aren’t really your cup of tea, then I wouldn’t recommend this film for you. However, it does get quite tense, and if you’re a Thriller maniac like myself, then I’d give it a go. As I said, it’s not my all-time favourite film but it was good to watch.

I still can’t get over the ending though… this morning I just couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched.

-The Storyteller



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