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I’m going to Bordeaux!

Hey guys!

Random update for you, but I wrote a few weeks ago about how much I wanted to go to Bordeaux. Remember that? NO? Well, you’re just going to have to take a sneaky look then, won’t you?

Anyway,ย my parents have finally said that I can go to Bordeaux this May which is going to be super cool and awesome because the weather is actually going to be nice, unlike the last time I went to the region and it was the middle of winter! However, that trip wasn’t specifically to Bordeaux, and at the time I wasn’t taking A-level French so it’s going to be both a holiday and an “educational trip”… obviously. *cough*

I’ll let you know more about it nearer the time, because I don’t even know what we’re going to be getting up to, and I’ll almost certainly write about the trip when I get back, so you’re going to have some more “fun-travelling-story-time-with-Janet” by the end of May!

In other news, the clocks went forwards today, and after a good 17 years of living in the country, I still haven’t gotten used to the changes. I still can never remember which way the clocks go, and this is really the type of thing that confuses me. Whenever it comes to it, I always remember that in winter I get an extra hour in bed… that’s literally it. I can never remember what time it would have been or what time it should be changed to when it comes to Spring, even though I know all the “Spring forward and Fall back” sayings… It’s times like these when I’m thankful for all my digital technology being able to automatically change for me!

-The Storyteller


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