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Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragons

Hey guys!

Album review number two is here, and today I am writing about Imagine Dragons’ new album “Smoke + Mirrors” (if you hadn’t already read the title…)

I am a massive Imagine Dragons fan, so much so that for my A-level Media Coursework I made a music video to their song “Bleeding Out”, which you can watch here. Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live, so I’m hoping that with their new album being out, a world tour might follow!

At the moment, I think the two singles “Gold” and “I bet my Life” are my two favourite songs, but I also love “Polaroid”. If I had to, I’d put those as my top three songs off the album, but then I only bought the CD on Thursday, so I haven’t listened to it as much as I’d have liked!

I definitely recommend this album if you love Imagine Dragons. I think I slightly prefer their debut album “Night Visions”, simply because it kind of defined them as a band, and it was the album that really got me into their music, but that’s not me saying I’m disappointed with “Smoke + Mirrors”. I certainly need to (and want to) listen to the album on repeat for the next few days!

-The Storyteller

Smoke + Mirrors Imagine Dragons
Smoke + Mirrors
Imagine Dragons

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