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Chaos and the Calm- James Bay

Hey guys! On Monday (23rd March) James Bay’s debut album was released here in the UK. I know I only recently wrote about James Bay’s single “Hold Back the River” and how much I loved it, but now I have the physical copy of the album and I’m in love with it. Initially I thought it would be much more in the Pop genre than it is (I think iTunes has listed it as Indie Rock) so when I first listened to it, I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the songs are really upbeat and make you want to dance and in general, it’s an amazing debut album. Obviously, I am in no way jealous of his singing and songwriting skills…

Chaos and the Calm James Bay
Chaos and the Calm
James Bay

One of my favourite songs off “Chaos and the Calm” is “Let it Go” (which, by the way, is not a cover from Frozen) and “Scars”. In both songs there is a clear progession and both songs are equally as beautiful as each other. I just love the album so much I’m actually struggling to write about it in any other way than “I just love it so much”… Similarly to my review on Imagine Dragons’ “Smoke + Mirrors“, it’s one I’d recommend to anyone, but I think what’s good about James Bay is that I think anyone who is a fan of any genre will like it. When I first listened to it, as I said, I thought it had more of a pop sound than an Indie Rock sound, so I really do think you should have a listen. I find that the lyrics of most of his songs have a lot of depth, and there is a true meaning behind them, rather than the typical songs you find that are quite shallow. So yeah, definitely give this album a chance. I’d probably say that James Bay is quite similar sounding to George Ezra, who is another artist I’ve gotten into recently, so I think if you like George Ezra then you’ll like James Bay.

-The Storyteller


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