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Talking is Hard- Walk The Moon

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to do my first ever (I think) Album Review! (yaaaaay)

I am a massive fan of the American band Walk the Moon, after discovering them by accident on YouTube a few years ago. Not many people who I know in the UK actually know who Walk The Moon are, which is a good and a bad thing for me, because it means that I can enjoy something that isn’t too overly mainstream, but at the same time, I think they need the recognition they deserve.

Their second album “Talking is Hard” was released in the UK earlier this month, and I got it as a (very) late birthday present from one of my best friends, and after listening to it for literally two days on repeat in my car, I feel I am now in the place to do a review!

I love the single “Shut up and Dance”, which is something I wrote about and you can watch here! It’s such a feel good song and the video is amazing, and take you back to the 80’s (if you were around in the 80’s… like I wasn’t…) and it definitely got me pumped for the album.

Some of my favourite songs on the album include “Sidekick”, “Portugal”, “Work This Body”, “Aquaman” and “Avalanche” (which is already about half of the album so you can see how much I love it) because they’ve got that Walk The Moon-ey vibe and it’s so much fun to listen to and to dance to. Or if you’re up for belting out the lyrics on a long roadtrip, then it’s good for that too!

The only thing that’s annoying me about the whole thing is that Walk The Moon are touring in the UK this coming May, but I can’t go because I have a little thing called exams which have gotten in the way… However, I’m sure they’ll be back in due course!

-The Storyteller

Walk The Moon- Talking is Hard
Walk The Moon- Talking is Hard

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