I NEARLY DIED! (Kind of…)

Hey guys!

I was driving home from swimming this morning, and I live in Devon, which means lots of twisty, windy roads. You get used to all the sharp corners and I just naturally slow down when you go round them because I know to expect that something might be coming the other way. This morning was one of those moments.

There was this big silver Land Rover coming around the corner waaaay too fast, even though you can go the national speed limit, and I almost had to drive into the hedge to avoid a collision with them. They didn’t even stop, they just slowed down a bit and carried on… Great. Thanks.

I was giving my friend a lift back as well, and she said that she thought I was going to crash into them, and so did I. I mean, I’m not sure how I managed to not go into the other car, but I am clearly an amazing driver who sticks to the speed limit!

This other driver was probably someone who wasn’t local, and who used to the roads and saw that they could go the national speed limit so they did. I’ll just give you a piece of advice for anytime you want to come and visit Devon: if you’re on a country road, don’t go 60mph. That’s stupid.

Rant over.

-The Storyteller


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